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Most ASked Questions

Frequently asked questions

  • How does an online session take place?
    An online session will take place using a visual communication platform like zoom or Teams , this way documents/ resources can be viewed by all.
  • What is expected during an online session?
    Depending on the age of the athlete, we will ask that all sessions take place in an open environment, and to have a parent attending the individual sessions until the age of 14 and group sessions aged 12. As and when all parties are more comfortable with knowing each other this may change to just coach and player but safeguarding of the child will always remain our priority.
  • What happens on individual online sessions?
    During online sessions we will run through the players development plan and work towards the athletes agreed plan to help them achieve their goals. As we gather information through play and practice, we will reflect and review the best ways forward. We will also look at individual athletes needs and help in the various areas the team feels needs improvement. This could include on course strategy, mental approach, scheduling advice, tournament preperation or fitness work. These are ust some of the areas that we cover.
  • How are the Goals created for each player?
    The goals are created through discussions and stats from the athletes playing records or information the player may have recorded already. The athlete knows their game better than we do, so when we begin the process their contribution is vital to find out the best way forward. We also see the parent and home coach as important in the gathering of information toward development.
  • How does the coaching team communicate?
    Any of our coaching team working with the individual player will have access to the athletes portal. This way all practice/ development work can be seen for each individual athlete to receive feeedback on what they are doing and how it is going. When it comes to a home technical coach we at Online Junior Golf would like to have them onboard within the athletes portal so we are all working together in an athlete centred approach. This will be at the discretion of the athlete and parents.
  • What platform do we use for communication?
    We are using an secure online training app called Coach Now. This allows us to communicate with all parties in the athletes development. It allows us real time feeedback, and to share knowledge and motivate players from anywhere. It also allows us to capture, edit and post media to teach, train and develop our golfers in an individual or group space. The athlete can decide who they want to add to the space and when you decide to move on you can take the space with you with all your resources and timeline of your development.
  • How long until my child reaches their goals?
    Goals are always moving targets. The best in the World are still trying to improve, so we always like the idea of celebrating reaching a milestone but then reflecting and reviewing what has been achieved and look to see how we can develop further.
  • How do I know all the coaches are approved for safe coaching?
    All of our coaches at online Junior Golf have been cleared by the PGA or England Golf enhanced DBS process. All will have attended a UK Coaching safeguarding and protecting children course within the last 3 years. All PGA coaches are listed on the SafeGolf coaches register. Please click here to view our online safety policy
  • How are stats collected?
    Stats will be collected by the athlete, and this very much depends on the individual wants and needs. It maybe that pen and paper is sufficient to start with but as more information is required then recommended apps or programs can create what is needed for the athlete.
  • How are practice stats collected?
    These are collected by the athlete themselves during practice, we help provide resources. We will help analyse the stats once posted on their individual platform, to help create development of the athlete through reflections and ensuring the correct challenge point is created in practice sessions. It may be the challenges need to be tweaked to make them harder, forexample a 3 foot holing out challenge may need to be apadpted by introducing slope.
  • Do you receive practice plans?
    Practice is an individual thing, but we do generally practice what we are good at and not what we need to develop. through the athlete discussions on goal setting and plans on what needs to be achieved for the athlete we will find areas of the game that require improvement. We will then set challenges that complement practice in these areas and allow us to see how development is progressing in certain areas over time. With the constant communication path through coach now, available to player, parent and coach; practice will be more targeted and planned for the athlete.
  • What equipment is required for the strength/ fitness sessions?
    Again it will be an individualised plan. When you first start out fundamental skills are required to be learnt, these include pushing and pulling, hinging and squatting. These can be developed through minimal equipment to start using bands and body weight, but as you progress you will be guided by your strength coach around equipment and what can be transferred to a gym environment.
  • What is Provisualizer?
    Provisualizer is a state of the art planning and visualisation tool for competetive golfers, helping them to plan for rounds and create custom yardage charts for pre mapped golf courses around the World. This is included with all of our programmes along with training and support.
  • How are payments made?
    Payments are taken in advavnce on a monthly basis upon completion of signed contract of our services at a minimum time period of 6 months.
  • How does our child turn professional?
    It is as simple as just signing a piece of paper with one of the Tours competing for money. But it will come at a cost, entry fees and travel become a lot more and many good players will be trying to win as well. So the first target is to win or performwell at your club/ high school then a county/state tournament, then regional and national tournaments run by national governing bodies (eg. England Golf or AJGA) We will help guide you through that scheduling process and are happy to advise when to make that jump to the Pros.
  • Will this programme help me on my journey to playing College Golf?
    There is no guarantee of getting into the US college system or receiving a scholarship, but if you learn to perform and can create results on a national level then there is always a good possibility you can get there. What College/University programmes really like is a self motivated and well organised athlete, which by being part of our programmes you will most certainly become. We also have partnerships with US college recruitment services who can help guide you through this process.
  • How do we sign up or find out more about if this programme is right for us?
    Make contact with us on by clicking here and you can arrange an online meeting at a time convenient to you. It's really important to us that you ask all the questions required and that we can truly meet the needs for athletes and parents and help you move forward on the journey.
  • What if we are unable to make our online monthly meeting?
    We ask that all clients give our coaches 24 hours notice to rearrange appointments. We understand that sometimes things happen last minute and we will do our best to rearrange accordingly. Meetings wont be carried forward into future months but all group sessions will be recorded and sent out for future use.
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