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Who is this for?

Online Junior Golf programmes are for any aspiring junior aged 11 and above who has a desire to be the best golfer they can be. All of our team have worked with players at an international level and we know how hard it is to find a full coaching team that can support all areas of your game.   


Our experience shows us that most of the current junior skill development happens in a range bay or on a practice ground. Key aspects like course strategy never get covered and work on our mental skills only occurs when there is a problem.  It's a fact that golfers are having to travel more and are also getting stronger and faster to hit it further.  We still meet many parents who aren't sure if their child should be lifting weights yet, or which tournaments their child should be entering.


Part of our programme also spends time supporting the players parents, as we think it's important to involve them in the process. We know its a difficult  path for them to be certain what they should be exposing their junior golfer to and when and what is appropriate. It can be a minefield for all concerned.  So check out our FAQ  for further information and please keep scrolling to see what our programmes offer then book a FREE call below.

Our Programmes

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Support Programme

Designed for a junior golfer looking for online golf lifestyle support

Whats included

  • Individual Monthly Call inc. following areas

  • Goal Setting

  • Mental Game Skills

  • Course Strategy

  • Practice Plans & Training Resources.

  • Statistical Game Analysis

  • Scheduling

  • Parent Education Webinars

  • Online Training space for all information/ communication and game dev apps


All the above including additional resources for just £99 per month  (min. 6 months)  Also gives access to discounted rates on other services available.

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Development Programme

Includes all of the Support Programme plus the following key areas

This programme is for the golfer that needs all of our support programme above, plus the physical development tools.

Whats included

  • Monthly one to one online strength and conditioning session, plus individual programme.

  • Access to nutrition and sleep support programmes

  • Special Guest group webinars


All the above plus development programme tools for just £199 per month  (min. 6 months)  Also gives access to discounted rates on other services available.

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junior Tour Player Programme

Full access to the Support and Development Programmes above, plus the following services.

This programme is our all inclusive junior programme.

Our purpose is not to replace your home coach, but some golfers may be seeking online technical and strategic support and we want to give you that high level option. Additionally, below details some of the services you may require and we could provide: 

Could include

  • Access into our world class online technical swing  coaching team - number of sessions TBC

  • College Prep and placement service

  • External support at college overseas

  • Access to our in person training camps

  • Personalised tournament prep and support

  • Experience trips

  • 24/7


You will receive everything in programme 1 & 2  plus access to our world class swing coach & game development consultants.  Bespoke programme, price on application.

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