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Junior Golfers Practice Day

Step into the spikes of an elite junior golfer and witness the rhythm of a day dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. In this newsletter, we pull back the curtain to reveal some of the meticulous routine that shapes a champion, from the break of dawn to the twilight on the golf course.

Rise and Shine

The day begins with a burst of energy. A nutritious breakfast fuels the body—oats, fruits, and a protein-packed shake set the stage for what lies ahead.

Strength and conditioning take centre stage. Our junior golfer engages in a tailored workout routine, focusing on core strength, flexibility, and muscle endurance.

Mastering the Short Game

The practice session kicks off with an intense focus on the short game. Putting drills, chipping exercises, and bunker play are on the menu. Precision is the mantra, and each stroke is a step toward perfection. It’s to easy to just hit shot after shot but create games that challenge you and reward you. An example of this would be a game that has a target or score that you choose, and every shot you play has a different lie, club, length, or situation.

Mental exercises take centre stage. Visualization techniques and mindfulness exercises enhance focus and resilience—the secret weapons for success on the course. This can be done while you’re doing the challenges, but also when you you’re having a rest, thinking about what it will look like when you achieve your dreams, or having a feeling of a picture of you holing that winning putt, what emotions will you be feeling and how do you control them.

Lunch Break: Fuelling Up and resting the mind and body from golf, a vital ingredient to allowing you to keep going.

A well-deserved lunch is a balanced affair—lean proteins, greens, and wholesome carbs provide sustained energy to get you ready for the afternoon.

Post-lunch involves a period of down time and mental rejuvenation. Look at what courses you have to play this year or upcoming, can you find pictures or fly overs of the courses and start to work out what shots will be a premium for you on that day analysing challenges and planning approaches for specific holes. Then as you get closer to that events start to focus on those shots more to help you achieve your goals for that day. A great website we use a lot is Provisulizer,  to see more about the site click here below, and see what support they can give your golfer, it's totally FREE and awesome.

Long Game Intensity

The afternoon session sees a shift to the long game. On the driving range, our golfer homes in on the intricacies of the swing. Drills to work on technical changes, but then to really embed these changes use different clubs and simulated course conditions to add a layer of complexity, like the short game, make each shot different, change the lie, club, shot length, flights high or low, draw or fade. Also at times, check yardages, make sure your wedge swings are the correct lengths and distances comply.

Putting It All Together On-Course

After a short rest, take what you have done out onto the course. Choose your game wisely though. Is it just to play medal, or do you aim to record information on a certain part of the game, like approach play or short game. You could also do all of it, so as you progress and have certain procedures in place while you’re playing, your junior golfer can have strategies in place to help course strategy, shot recording to help understand your game under pressure better and have it all relate to a score, the main goal. The magic happens where preparation meets the unpredictability of the course.


The day concludes with a debrief. Our junior golfer reflects on the day's practice, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. Mental notes are taken, ensuring the next session is even more purposeful.

This snapshot into an elite junior golfer's day is a testament to the dedication and passion that propels them toward success. Every swing, every putt is a step on the journey to greatness. If you have questions about crafting a personalized training routine for your junior golfer, feel free to reach out, or follow us on Instagram for practice ideas.

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