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5 Reasons why you may not be getting better

Are you a little frustrated with where your golf is right now? Are you putting the time in but not getting results? Or are you being a little unrealistic with your expectations? Let's take a look at why you may not be getting better and how you could implement a new approach.

Recording stats can help you identify your golf strengths and weaknesses, thus shaping your practice. We often practice what we like or without a clear purpose, but stats can reveal your weak and strong points. Many golfers roughly know their weaknesses, but an improvement plan and progress monitoring are vital. Are your efforts improving your game's weaknesses? Shot Scope offers a free starter option, but for a more detailed analysis, consider using apps like UpGame or devices from Shot Scope and Arccos.

Goal Setting - The process of setting goals and implementing systems is vital. Have you set clear goals for what you want to achieve? And if so, have you put the necessary systems in place to help reach them? As best-selling author James Clear once stated, 'You do not rise to the level of your goals. You fall to the level of your systems.' Thus, it's not just about noting your goals, but also mapping out how you intend to achieve them.

Unrealistic Expectations - Improvement is a non-linear process that takes time. It's crucial to be realistic about the timeframe for change and stick to your plan. Remember, it can take a while to fully incorporate changes and apply them to the course. Patience is a virtue in this process. Embrace change, acknowledge its complexity, and most importantly, enjoy the journey – it lasts longer than the moment of achieving a goal.

 Practice - Are your practice sessions consistent or sporadic? Using stats can significantly shape your practice, but it's crucial to have a plan. If you're unsure, consult your coach. Incorporating a clear purpose, constructive feedback, and measurable goals can greatly aid your development. So, do you practice effectively, or is there room for improvement?

Support and Feedback along the way - It's tough trying to get better on your own so it's important to have some expert advice along the way with the access to support between lessons. We can lose confidence quite quickly so it's important to have a coach who can keep you on tracks when you have a had a tough day on the links or practicing.

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